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Connect and Play!

Connect and Play is an intensive therapeutic program that provides autistic and neurodivergent children with an immersive therapeutic experience to accelerate their development and maximize their potential. 
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Looking to support your autistic or neurodivergent child's communication in a fun and supportive environment?

Connect and Play is a neurodiversity-affirming intensive therapeutic program designed by Farwa Husain, an experienced bilingual speech-language pathologist, and Dr. Joni Redlich, a published author and physical therapist. It is an opportunity for children, ages 4-10,  to immerse themselves in all the support of speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy that they need to accelerate their development and to maximize their potential in an immersive and positive environment. 
Spark joy and change, and help your child "get unstuck" through novel, new experiences.

Program Highlights

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The core services include speech, occupational, and physical therapy designed to build connections and communication. Followed by enrichment sessions to spark change that is tailored to gestalt language processors. 

Each child will have a tailored therapeutic program built on their interests and learning style.

Therapy sessions and support during the entire program will be provided by licensed specialized practitioners, not aides or assistants.

Children will have a small group 'Lunch Bunch' where they can enjoy time together with other unique learners.

Enrichment Sessions


Enrichment sessions are an opportunity for children to learn and make connections in a multisensory way.

In addition to speech, physical, and occupational therapy, sessions will also include art, drumming circle, yoga, and music!

A week of consistent sessions allows your child to experience and make connections with their environment in a positive and multisensory way.

All therapists and enrichment leaders share the belief that it is important to focus on your child's interests, skills, and strengths to help them grow and communicate.

Family Support

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The program includes Family Fun Days, which are a great time to generalize all the new skills your child has learned while having fun as a family! 

Friday Farm Day! Children and their families will get the opportunity to interact with animals on the farm, connect with nature, and have therapeutic horse riding. 

We will be there to support parents on how to navigate new, novel, and everyday situations and form stronger connections as a family.

The program also includes weekly Empowerment Zoom Calls with parents and caregivers, and our team.

Connect and Play Program Details

To learn more or sign up for Connect & Play, enter your name email below. We will then send you the information packet and a calendar link to set up a free discovery call. 

575 NJ-28, Bldg 1, 204A, Raritan, NJ 08869, USA
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